8 reasons why John Wick is so highly rated

John Wick has become a massive success thanks to its highly entertaining action sequences, thoughtful character development, and stylized execution. Here are 8 reasons why this film is so highly rated:

1. Intense Action Sequences

John Wick takes full advantage of its premise and delivers high-octane action scenes that often use creative choreography and cinematography. The fights maintain a frenetic pace as weapons from pistols to knives are used with precision throughout the movie.

2. Unique Visual Style

The film’s overall look reflects a heightened reality with its bold color palette, dynamic camera angles, and sleek production design. This style gives it a distinct visual identity while adding to the atmosphere of the violent underworld John Wick inhabits.

3. Thoughtful Character Development

Despite the action, John Wick is still a character-driven story, exploring the themes of grief and revenge while delving into John’s past as an assassin. This helps to give viewers a more complete understanding of the protagonist and his motivations for seeking revenge.

4. Captivating Music Score

The film features a powerful score which heightens the tension in action sequences and provides emotional depth to quieter moments. Composer Tyler Bates does an excellent job of enhancing the overall atmosphere of the movie with his music choices.

5. Clever Dialogue

John Wick has plenty of witty one-liners that help lighten up some scenes but also aid in giving viewers an insight into the characters and their backstories.

6. Excellent Cast

Keanu Reeves’ performance as John Wick is clearly a standout, but other cast members such as Michael Nyqvist, Ian McShane and Willem Dafoe are all great in their respective roles.

7. Clever Worldbuilding

The film does a great job of establishing its world without any unnecessary exposition, making it easy for viewers to understand what is going on and why certain actions have consequences.

8. Interesting Plot Twists

Despite its straightforward revenge plot, John Wick features some unexpected turns that will leave viewers wanting more by the time credits roll. Overall, this movie has something to offer everyone: intense action, a unique visual style, thoughtful character development, captivating music score, clever dialogue and an interesting plot that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. It’s no wonder why this is one of the most highly rated films of its genre.

The success of John Wick shows that movies don’t have to rely solely on action sequences and flashy visuals in order to be entertaining. The fact that it manages to combine all these elements into a cohesive narrative makes this movie much more than just another action film – it’s a masterpiece! No matter how many times you watch it, John Wick never fails to deliver entertainment from start to finish.


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